Devlog #1

It's been a month since we launched the alpha demo of Faerie Afterlight. We got around 600 downloads so far. 600 probably seems not so much, but it was to be expected since we had no idea how to didn't do any marketing except sharing it on our social media accounts. You know, recognizing that 600 people OTHER than our family member decided to download the game already feels like a great achievement for us. Oh, also our discord member is growing since then. We got a lot of feedback from many players. Thank you!

If you have played the game, you might assume that you already finished the first chapter. But it isn't. We would like to change some parts of it and add some small areas and a mini-boss. The game would be a Metroidvania game so we want to add some blocked areas/paths and can only be unlocked with your future items/abilities.

The game will have a total of 6 chapters. The playtime length would be around 45-60 minutes per chapter. Here I want to show you the early world map concept, so you might get the idea of the theme for each chapter. Don't worry it won't be a spoiler because it's just a rough concept and not the final version.

We did a lot of things since the alpha release. Such as designing major bosses, designing environment theme, implementing new abilities, etc. I want to show you some images/videos but I should crop/reduce it a lot because it will be a huge spoiler.

Some of the things we already did:

  • Visual concepts for all major bosses

  • The visual theme for all 6 chapters

  • New player abilities 
  • etc.

That is all I want to share. If you want to know more about the development of this game, please join our Discord server. You may give us feedback and will get updates from us at least once a week. Thank you for reading! 

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it's look like such a short game when you look at the full map picture, but I love that because it's getting right to the point! Let's go fuck up Kradydev and take back the light!

hi, I didn't expect someone will actually read this devlog, lmao.

yes, the game is indeed relatively short (5-6 hours) compared to other platformer/metroidvania game like Ori and The Blind Forest (it took me around 8-9 hours). it's because we plan to release the game as soon as possible. if we want to add another content in the future, it will be a free DLC. it's similar to what Hollow Knight did. 😁


genius planning! and of course people read these... well... I do

I like to do my homework on games that I cover