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Топовый платформер! 5 звезд. Жалко недоступен в России :'(

Very pretty. How is the Glade connected to the rest of the game in the full version?  I assume the celestial depths are different, but are there any other entrances/exits that would be added in?  (I notice the gate with the two red keys at the top that is, afaict, inaccessible).  

very good I will buy it on steam :D


how do i get the full game?

Will there be k+m controls in the future? Cool art style.

There won't be, unfortunately. However, I recommend playing it using gamepad/controller for better experience!

Is the celeste bathayal supposed to load like this? Just infinity down?

It's not. :'(
However, we have patched it in the new build. :)


Thoram sure isn't an easy boss :-/

We have updated the build. The boss fight experience should be better now. ;)

Amazing but uh. when and if you release the full game could you add mouse movement instead of wasd.

*mouse movement for wispy and wasd for kimo. top tier game btw

You couldn't at the moment. However, I recommend playing it using gamepad/controller!


Wonderful game love it

Absolutely Gorgeous Game!

Reminds me of Hollow Knight.

This game is beautiful! Just a quick question, does anyone know if there's a way to mute the sound within the game?

The game so far is absolutely stellar, the artwork, music and overall game feel is incredible. I will say, however, the controls do feel a bit strange. I feel it would be more fitting for jump to be z and attack to be x, I remember it being that way a while ago, so I'm not sure why that changed.

Please at least add a way to re-bind controls, or multiple set control bindings for the player to choose from.

Still a great game otherwise! Keep it up!

Wow artwork is great! Also will the game be available on xbox?

I love the artwork and how smooth the controls are!

Amazing! platformer game (At heart I love platformer games, it's what I grew up on), art style is very colourful and the music is relaxing/chill

I did a walkthrough of the game (hope to play the full version

The artwork in this game is beyond amazing!

I love the new boss keep it up guys, i'll have a video out soon :D

O yeah, can't wait! 😁😁

The atmosphere is so beautiful, cute and relaxing! Loved it!
Gameplay-wise, it's nothing new, but it does it's job pretty well


Beautiful art and music. Please make it available on steam lol

The new demo is on Steam too! 😎


The art style of this game is facinating 

This game so awesome. I really loved it. Cool graphics, nice innovative game mechanics. Kudos 

la movilidad es muy sensible


For some reason I didn't post my review here... not sure how I forgot that!

First off, let me just get something out the way. This game is gorgeous! It's so nice to look at!

Sorry, just thought that was an important thing to get off my chest before diving into my other thoughts.

When I started playing this demo, I was a bit worried that my hands would get tied in knots trying to control two characters at the same time, but the way the game is designed makes it more of a breeze than you may think. Firstly, Wispy (our floaty friend), follows Kimo (our land crawling buddy) around, so you don't have to actually move both at the same time, just Kimo. Second, you only need to really use Wispy when interacting with certain things, like checkpoints and bad guys and the like. This makes the game a much more pleasant and wondrous experience!

The fighting elements (this is where Kimo shines) are also really fun to get to grips with. If you jump and whack an enemy in flight you get bounced back a little, so you have to make sure to time things just right unless you want to fall in the wrong place.

Finally, the boss we have the privilege of fighting at the end is a real challenge, but at the same time not so much of a challenge that I had to call it quits. Every time I died I carried a little bit of knowledge into the next fight, and perseverance pays off! And that's what this game feels like it's gonna be all about. There's going to be moments you think you just can't do it, and you'll have to steel yourself and grit your teeth to make it through.

Phew, this ended up a bit more essay-like than I intended, so here's a TL:DR version: side-scrolling platformery fighty game good. Look pretty. Atmospheric and wondrous. Download and play for yourselves. Much greatness.

Thanks for all the hard work that's obviously been poured into this, and keep up the awesome job! =)

Really Beautiful game. I loved the art and music and how the mechanics flowed into each other and I wish there was more. I also found the boss to be a bit hard with the limited lives and your single attack but the fight itself was great with the different attacks from the boss.


Awesome game! I do wish Kimo's jump key was the up arrow, but I had fun nonetheless.


Thank you for playing. We will add the key rebind system in the future. 

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This game is beautyful, the art and strory, thanks for be and exist!

Image result for thank you gif


Dude your art style is so fricken beautiful. I'd love to know your process if you'd share

Hi. Thank you. We often post behind the scene stuff on facebook and discord.

this is an example:


This is a great game. But since I downloaded it when it's free, will it auto-update in the future?

(Sorry if this question sounds stupid)

I think it won't. You have to manually download the update. I don't know about the launcher, tho. Maybe you should check it out.


This game is absolutely gorgeous and engaging and I was actually disappointed when it ended after the spider fight. I do think it was way too easy to hurt yourself on the spider because of how small your attack is, but that might have been something you were going for. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the spider legs upgrade in later versions. Definitely a game to keep an eye on!


I'm sorry that it's not included in the tutorial. But actually, you can change the direction of your attack with Left Stick or Arrow Keys. It allows you to attack the boss from the safer position. 

Anyway, thanks for playing!

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Okay so music is amazing, the visuals are phenomenon and the colors are so good !! And my little character is the cutest with its little wispy, I love the idea and I love the mechanics, the mushrooms are the trickiest so far. I loved the spider legs and Im so excited to see more. I just love everything about it and the back story too. Love you guys keep up the phenomenal work!

Aw yeah! Thank you. So glad that you liked it. 😊

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the update fixed all of the problems I had with the alpha when I first played. the colors and music are beautiful. The mechanics with Wispy are fun, and I would love to see more collaboration with Wispy in later boss fights. 

thank you for playing! glad you liked it!

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Okay its cute and all, but I got stuck in the wall?? Don't know if this is supposed to happen.


noooo. hahaha. it's not supposed to happen at all. some colliders are too thin that you can pass through them if you're moving too fast. don't worry, I already fixed that in the next build. I will launch the fix this weekend!

First of all, amazing graphics. The colors, the art, the simple yet adorable character design has got me piqued. I like how Kimo glides through the game, it's satisfying to see! I suggest adding a save button to save progress, because I quit the game to see that I have yet to start over. It's disappointing to see. But otherwise, the graphics, the soundtrack and everything else is amazing! Would recommend to my friends.

Hi. Thank you for playing! Yeah, sorry for that. We will add the save feature on the next build. 😁

Deleted 2 years ago

hi. actually, you can change the direction of the attack with your Left Joystick or Arrow Keys. So, you can attack the boss safely from bottom with the upward attack. We are sorry didn't introduce this on the tutorial.

Deleted 4 years ago

hi. sorry for that. the instruction in game is for XBox Controller. If you are using keyboard, use these keys:

Controls - Keyboard

  • Move Kimo: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: X
  • Attack: C
  • Move Wispy: WASD
  • Interact: hold V or Space

제가 별로 좋아하는 류의 게임은 아니지만 신박한 아이디어와 보스가 있다는 점에서 높은 점수를 주고싶습니다

Actually i merely like this type of game (climbing, avoiding abstacle) but amazed your creative ideas and having boss battle  

hey, it's quite interesting to watch a playthrough video with non English commentary. 😁 thank you for playing!

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I loved the game, but I encountered a couple of things you may want to look at.

7:50 There's an opening in the bottom-right of the room with the movable stones that the camera doesn't follow you into. I didn't fall through the world, or anything, and there seem to be platforms, so I assume it's supposed to be there.

14:50 The glyph didn't activate during the boss fight. The fairy snapped to it, but the animation didn't start. Releasing the button and pressing it again fixed it.

16:25 End screen didn't trigger.

17:35 Game freezes when quitting from main menu.

My specs, if they matter:

AMD 3900X, 64GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.

Again, the game is absolutely beautiful and plays well, and I hope to play it again when it's complete! Thanks for making it!

7:50 It is supposed to be a hidden area but it's not ready yet and I forgot to block it. It allows you to go there but the camera won't follow.

14:50 It seems a little bug but people find it quite often. Not only in the boss battle, this bug may appear after possessing enemy.

16:25 I think something is wrong with the camera script so it won't trigger the end screen the first time. I will look into that.

17:35 Hey you are right. I didn't notice it before. I'm not sure what causing it but I will try to fix that.

Hell no. Your spec is more than enough to play this little game. 😁

Thank you for playing and your feedback is super useful!


Cool, glad to help! Good luck with the rest of the game!

I like the art stile but you can't save the game

Sorry for that. We will add the save game feature to the next build. Thank you for playing. 😁

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